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Engines that run on hydrogen have been in use and undergoing constant revision for the past decade. This is all an attempt to make an affordable and efficient alternative to the standard gasoline-burning internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, the cost of actually implementing the engines costs too much for manufacturers to put it into use. For us consumers, the next best thing is engines that run on water.

Sounds impossible? It’s not! Water, also known as H2O, is chock full of hydrogen. Big surprise there eh? While scientists and researchers are still working on an engine completely powered from water alone, there is a simple conversion that can be done to all your vehicles to use engines that run on water.

At the current time, conversions still require gasoline in order to work properly, but the hydrogen derived from the water is delivered into the engine in the form of a gas to supplement the gasoline and improve fuel economy. Most cars can be converted for engines that run on water for under $100 and there are several plans and designs available. used engines near me

These simple conversion designs basically have a container of water that is changed into a gas via electrolysis. The electrolysis process takes place automatically as your vehicle runs, and is generally powered from your vehicles electrical system. As the gas is formed, it is directed into the engine by a tube which is attached near your engines air intake manifold.

The hydrogen gas generated is actually a hydrogen oxygen mixture known as HHO gas and has the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen as water does. The only difference between HHO and H20 is that the molecules are not bonded in HHO. The system has proven very effective according to thousands of people who have switched over to engines that run on water

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